穿戴式睡眠(Sleep)-心脏(Heart)-情绪(Emotion)智能监控实验室 (Wearable SHE Lab),以建设动态心血管生理信号数据库为基础,以穿戴式+智能监控为两大技术核心,致力于解决心脏(心血管)-睡眠-情绪三大应用领域的实时、动态、无创、长程、智能的人体生命体征测量分析技术及产品实现方案。

Wearable Sleep-Heart-Emotion (SHE) Intelligent Monitoring Lab (Wearable SHE Lab) aims to construct the databases of dynamic cardiovascular physiological signals and considers wearable device and intelligent monitoring as two core technologies. The lab is committed to explore solutions for signal measurement, data analysis and device development of real-time, dynamic, non-invasive, long-term and intelligent human vital signs monitoring.

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