Journal article in 2014

Effects of blood pressure and sex on the change of wave reflection: Evidence from Gaussian fitting method for radial artery pressure waveform
Chengyu Liu*, Lina Zhao & Changchun Liu
Plos One, 2014, 9(11): e112895(1)-e112895(7).

A multi-step method with signal quality assessment and fine-tuning procedure to locate maternal and fetal QRS complexes from abdominal ECG recordings
Chengyu Liu*, Peng Li, Costanzo Di Maria, Lina Zhao, Henggui Zhang & Zhiqing Chen*
Physiological Measurement, 2014, 35(8): 1665-1683.

Modelling arterial pressure waveform using Gaussian functions and two-stage particle swarm optimizer
Chengyu Liu*, Tao Zhuang, Lina Zhao, Faliang Chang, Changchun Liu, Shoushui Wei, Qiqiang Li & Dingchang Zheng
BioMed Research International, 2014, 2014: 923260(1)-923260(10).

Gaussian fitting for carotid and radial artery pressure waveforms comparison between normal subjects and heart failure patients
Chengyu Liu*, Dingchang Zheng*, Dingchang Zheng, Lina Zhao & Changchun Liu
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2014, 24(1): 271-277.

Age and blood pressure associated changes in the Gaussian modelling characteristics of the photoplethysmographic pulse
Guanxiong Gu, Lin Yang*, Chengyu Liu, Song Zhang & Dingchang Zheng
Experimental & Clinical Cardiology, 2014, 20(9): 4943-4951.

Decreased peripheral arterial volume distensibility in patients with branch retinal vein occlusion in comparison with normal subjects
Zhiqing Chen, Lingna Mao, Chengyu Liu, James R Blake & Dingchang Zheng*
Scientific Reports, 2014, 4: 6685(1)-6685(6).

Extracting the foetal ECG from maternal abdominal recordings: Selection of the optimal principal component
Costanzo Di Maria*, Chengyu Liu, Dingchang Zheng, Alan Murray & Philip Langley
Physiological Measurement, 2014, 35(8): 1649-1664.

ECG quality assessment based on a kernel support vector machine and genetic algorithm with a feature matrix
Yatao Zhang, Chengyu Liu, Shoushui Wei*, Changzhi Wei & Feifei Liu
Journal of Zhejiang University – Science C, 2014, 15(7): 564-573.

A low-complexity data-adaptive approach for premature ventricular contraction recognition
Peng Li, Chengyu Liu, Xinpei Wang, Dingchang Zheng, Yuanyang Li & Changchun Liu*
Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2014, 8(1): 111-120.

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