Journal article in 2017

Performance of an open source heart sound segmentation algorithm on collection of eight independent databases
Chengyu Liu, David Springer & Gari D Clifford*
Physiological Measurement, 2017, 38(8):1730-1745.

Multiscale entropy analysis of the differential RR interval time series signal and its application in detecting congestive heart failure
Chengyu Liu* & Rui Gao
Entropy, 2017, 19: 251(1)-251(19).

Benchmarking heart rate variability toolboxes
Adriana N.Vest*, Qiao Li, Chengyu Liu, Shamim Nemati, Amit Shah & Gari D Clifford
Journal of Electrocardiology, 2017, 50(6): 744-747.

Variation of Korotkoff stethoscope sounds during blood pressure measurement: Analysis using a convolutional neural network
Peiyu He, Chengyu Liu, Taiyong Li, Alan Murray & Dingchang Zheng*
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2017, 21(6): 1593-1598.

Combining sparse coding and time-domain features for heart sound classification
Bradley M Whitaker*, Pradyumna B Suresha, Chengyu Liu*, Gari D Clifford & David V Anderson
Physiological Measurement, 2017, 38(8): 1701-1729.

Combining low-dimensional wavelet features and support vector machine for arrhythmia beat classification
Qin Qin, Jianqing Li*, Li Zhang, Yinggao Yue & Chengyu Liu
Scientific Reports, 2017, 7: 6067(1)-6067(12).

Continuous assessment of schizophrenia using accelerometer and heart rate data
Erik Reinertsen, Maxim Osipov, Chengyu Liu, John M Kane, Georgios Petrides & Gari D Clifford*
Physiological Measurement, 2017, 38(7): 1456-1471.

Differences of heart rate variability between happiness and sadness emotion states: a pilot study
Hongyu Shi, Licai Yang*, Lulu Zhao, Zhonghua Su, Xueqin Mao, Li Zhang & Chengyu Liu
Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, 2017, 37(4): 527-539.

An adaptive and time-efficient ECG R-peak detection algorithm
Qin Qin, Jianqing Li*, Yinggao Yue & Chengyu Liu
Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2017, 2017: 5980541(1)-5980541(14).

Atrial fibrillation detection on compressed sensed ECG
Giulia Da Poian, Chengyu Liu, Riccardo Bernardini, Roberto Rinaldo & Gari D Clifford*
Physiological Measurement, 2017, 38(7): 1405-1425.

Design of a smart ECG garment based on conductive textile electrode and flexible printed circuit board
Zhipeng Cai, Kan Luo, Chengyu Liu & Jianqing Li*
Technology and Health Care, 2017, 25(4):815-821.

The accuracy on the common Pan-Tompkins based QRS detection methods through low-quality ECG database
Feifei Liu, Shoushui Wei, Yibin Li, Xinge Jiang, Zhimin Zhang & Chengyu Liu*
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, 2017, 7(5): 1039-1043.

Quantification of vascular function changes under different emotion states: a pilot study
Yirong Xia, Licai Yang, Xueqin Mao, Dingchang Zheng & Chengyu Liu
Technology and Health Care, 2017, 25(3): 447-456.

Comparison between heart rate variability and pulse rate variability during different sleep stages for sleep apnea patients
Shuangyan Liu, Jing Teng, Xianghua Qi, Shoushui Wei & Chengyu Liu
Technology and Health Care, 2017, 25(3): 435-445.

Change of bilateral difference in radial artery pulse morphology with one-side arm movement
Xinge Jiang, Shoushui Wei, Dingchang Zheng, Feifei Liu, Shouqin Zhang, Zhimin Zhang & Chengyu Liu*
Artery Research, 2017, 19: 1-8.

Lightweight lead II ECG QRS detector for mobile devices using max-min difference method
Diptangshu Pandit, Li Zhang*, Chengyu Liu, Samiran Chattopadhyay, Nauman Aslam & Chee Pengd Lim
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2017, 144(2): 61-75.

Differences in photoplethysmography morphological features and feature time series between two opposite emotions
Fei Li, Licai Yang*, Hongyu Shi & Chengyu Liu*
Artery Research, 2017, 18: 7-13.

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