Journal article in 2021

Over-fitting suppression training strategies for deep learning-based atrial fibrillation detection
Xiangyu Zhang · Jianqing Li · Zhipeng Cai · Li Zhang · Zhenghua Chen · Chengyu Liu
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, (2021)59

Influence of Ectopic Beats on Heart Rate Variability Analysis
Lina Zhao, Peng Li, Jianqing Li* & Chengyu Liu*
Entropy, 2021, 23.6: 648

Frontal Alpha EEG Asymmetry Variation of Depression Patients Assessed by Entropy Measures and Lemple–Ziv Complexity
Lulu Zhao, Licai Yang*, Baimin Li, Zhonghua Su & Chengyu Liu*
Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering, 2021, 41(2): 146-154

Integration of results from convolutional neural network in a support vector machine for the detection of atrial fibrillation.
Caiyun Ma, Shoushui Wei, Tongshuai Chen, Jingquan Zhong, Zhenhua Liu and Chengyu Liu
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70

Variations of Time Irreversibility of Heart Rate Variability Under Normobaric Hypoxic Exposure
Yang Li, Jianqing Li*, Jian Liu, Yong Xue, Zhengtao Cao* and Chengyu Liu*
Frontiers in Physiology, 12:607356

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